So far I’ve had a good experience with Glen Hall, however the apartment could have little more cleaner before moving in and maybe just double check a couple of things.
Carmen Nou
Very responsive agents. They are patience listening our concerns while offering solutions one by one. A few times the agent he came in person quickly to assist us fixing the tiny problems. Thank you team for your work.
Cathy Tabakin
Kozan and Farooq from Glen Hall were fantastic with the sale of my property in N11. As local agents, they know the local property market really well. Glen Hall were by far the best of the 3 Estate Agents I got quotes from, both in terms of their fees and enthusiasm for the property. They found me a buyer quickly and the sale was done in 3 months.
Qianqian liu
Kozan is nice friendly guy, he and Farooq sold my flat within 2weeks at a good price. I strongly recommend Glen hall.
Mario Theophanous
Glen Hall were fantastic in moving me in and have dealt with any issue or queries I have had very professionally and efficiently.
Markocsan Denisa
Best manager ever! Always there to help ! Trying to find ways to help everyone, Thank you for everything you do for us as tenants! Denisa and Alex
We found Glen Hall accidentally during the London lockdown and we\'re very glad we did. They were incredibly responsive from the initial viewings through to tenant support. The systems they use to facilitate and coordinate the tenancy agreement was incredibly convenient and user friendly. Everything was done online including providing referencing and signing of the agreements. We never had to drive back and forth anywhere which was great considering the lockdown. One of the best things is their 24\/7 online tenant management support on their website where you can report any issues you may have in the flat. The team then responds almost always within 24-48 hours essentially never leaving us wondering or waiting too long. The team has been really fantastic and as a tenant in London I find this to be very rare.
Glen Hall were fantastic in helping me move in. They have also been very helpful in any queries I had.
Anna Sakova
Overall excellent service from the begging till now. These guys were so helpful thru the whole process of renting and even now 3 months in, any issues -they are always quick to respond and happy to sort things out
John power
I am 100% sure that, if I ever come to sell this flat, I will be phoning Farooq of Glen Hall. If it had not been for him, I might well not have bought it. I was a cash buyer. No chain. The vendor already had his own house. But I needed the vendor to get from the freeholders an extension of the lease and a minor change to the lease. This should have been simple but turned into a something very complex. The freeholders and the vendor used three different firms of solicitors operating out of a total of four offices to deal with a simple one bedroom flat cash transaction. None of them where in a hurry. For me, a nightmare. My solicitor professionally could only phone the vendor\'s solicitors, not the others. I expected, if I phoned one of the other solicitors or the freeholders (a housing association) direct, I would be told immediately to ring my own solicitor for information. The vendor\'s solicitors were not returning his own calls. This sale would have failed if it were not for Farooq. He was the one person who had the capability and energy and bravery to keep emailing and phoning the different solicitors and the freeholders, keep tabs on where the transaction had got to and press it forward. He gave me the confidence that I need not start again looking at other flats. He was always readily available on the phone. He always quickly returned emails. Just the sort of energetic estate agent you need to make sure, if you get a purchaser, your sale actually goes through. And I am very pleased with the flat!
Trandafir Ion Florentin
I am very happy with the room and find the staff very pleasant the agent was very nice to me and helpful with assisting me with the décor etc I would highly recommend them
Visar petku
The best Agency Glen Hall very helpful I’m so happy with the staf there Lucky I found them so I suggest to people google Glen hall and find easy and faster letting and selling property
Jacki Skelding
Farooq and Marilia did an excellent job finding new tenants for my property in New Southgate despite it being over the festive season. As I live in Cambridge, they showed all the interested parties around and also gave access to others I\'d employed for various jobs whilst the property was empty. This saved a lot of time and worry on my part. No request was too much trouble. They referenced and dealt with my own managing agent (who do not cover finding tenants). I would certainly use again if I needed to find another tenant.
Pedro Álvares
Overall, i have had a very positive experience as a tenant with the team at Glenhall. This is the 10th time i am renting a room and i can say Glenhall have provided the best service out of all other agencies i have worked with. They have excellent communication, are very approachable and quick to act. As an example, after arriving home from holidays on the 1st of January and realizing i had lost my keys, i called them for help and they took the trouble to meet me at the office the next day to provide me with a second pair of keys even though it was their day off. Thank you and i hope your services keep improving!
Cem Demir
I\'ve stayed forover one year in a flat share near the agency. I had in general a positive experience with the location and agency . The administrative matters in the beginning were a bit too much, but I can clearly understand that from the point of the agency and right\/ regulations its necessary. Sometimes the cleaning service was not regulary presenting and engaged to clean properly the comunal area. Farooq was always intersted at my request and willing to assist for any clarification or support with any issues. He was professional, very approchable and friendly. The communication was good and adequate.
Don & Nic
The team at Glen Hall have excellent communication skills and give constant updates keeping us in the picture. We find them professional, courteous and efficient. I would highly recommend them.
Fast, professional, reliable and efficient. Been using them since 1997. I am pleased with the service. Will recommend them anytime.
Lucian &Ana
After unsuccessful weeks looking for property's with different agencies I found Glen Hall .First i met Farooq then Marilia, great people, great characters. I was impressed by the level of commitment towards satisfying their clients, and their approach to finding tenants. Far superior to any agents I used in the past.
All the staff at Glenn Hall are very helpful and good to work with. I have been very satisfied with all they work they have done in renting out my property. All paperwork and agreements are completed quickly and thoroughly.
I was apprehensive about becoming a landlord for the first time and Farooq was really helpful and patient in answering my many questions and queries. The process to get the property ready to let was delayed due to red tape but Farooq once again made sure to keep me in the loop so that I was aware of what was happening and was very responsive if I needed information to complete my various permissions etc. The time from marketing the property to being tenanted was very quick and Marilia was easy to talk to and responded to queries very quickly. I am pleased with my developing working relationship with the team at Glen Hall and look forward to maintaining it in the years ahead.
Glenn Hall made all the renting process for me as easy, smooth and fast as they can. Marilia & Farooq did a great job from handling my inquiry, requesting required documents, communicating with the Landlord, until to the very last step of awarding the property to me. I don't know how to thank you enough for it was my very first time to underwent such for I am barely new here in London. Two thumbs-up to all of you Marilia, Farooq, and the whole Glenn Hall Team.
In over a dozen years I have been renting houses from several large known agencies. There were always instances. Agency Glen Hall was very pleasantly surprised me. They settled everything so well that after a few days I could already enjoy the new apartment. I am very happy: from the agency and property which I rented.
Despite some complications when moving in, Farooq was quite prompt in responding to all issues and offered to step in to deal with some matters that were more in the landlords areas of responsibility, for which I am grateful.
Anta & Laurenc
Glen Hall team did a great job and supported us throughout the process of buying our first flat. Both Farooq and Chan were very attentive to our needs and provided the adequate guidance. They all made the process of buying very smooth and we are very satisfied with the service received. We would highly recommend them! Thank you very much!
Ben Wakeford
I sold my house via Glen Hall Recently. Most of my contact was with Farooq. We had tried another agency previous to Glen Hall but weren't getting enough people viewing. Farooq was very pleasant and professional form the beginning and we noticed an immediate upsurge in the number of viewings. Despite a few unavoidable blips on the way, which Farooq dealt with very professionally, we did manage to sell our flat. ........................................................................................................... dfssf f f ad ads fdsa fdas f fas asd faf ds afsd fdas dfs dfs f ads fads fdas fasd fads
Carlos Camacho
I'm pleased that I bought my first house through this agency. Farooq was the one who did the viewing with us and when we asked him to have a second viewing with our builder to evaluate the works afterwards, he was more than happy to help. Everything went smoothly and here we are. We are finally having our own home. As first time buyers is really difficult and stressful to find a house but With Farooq was really easy because he was updating us all the time in everything even until now he is keen to help us
Paul McGrane
When I received the letter from Glenn Hall through my post box I was already signed with Foxtons and KFH. If only I had heard of them before I did because they failed to deliver. Farooq guided us through the whole process very well, I would have no hesitation in recommending him.
Farooq is hardworking and makes every effort to keep the client informed; he explains complexities, offers sound advice and intervenes when delays occur.
Ade A
The team at Glen Hall were totally professional and efficient in getting a tenant into my property. Communication was great and pricing was comparable. I would definitely recommend their services. Thanks guys.
Eugene and Dorothy
Marilia realy helped us a lot, coz we are new here in London and we did not have enough information about tenancy. We are recommended them!!!!
Mayur Patel
Farooq was very proactive in finding a suitable tenant for our terraced property. He managed the whole process for us with little hassle. Glen Hall also helped us with mortgage products, and have found their service to be speedy and professional.
Rented a property through Glen Hall and everything went smoothly from start to finish. Farooq and Marilia were quick to respond to any queries I had and all the checks and paperwork were done swiftly. Would recommend.
Farooq was always prompt and proactive in dealing with all matters required in pushing our purchase through. Even when the chain was at risk of falling through, Farooq's persistence and willingness to communicate with all parts of the chain was hugely helpful in keeping progress on track and ensuring our sale and purchase through.
The service I have receive so far I very good. Everyone is always quick to respond and help in any way possible.
Farooq was very proactive in finding a suitable tenant for our terraced property. He managed the whole process for us with little hassle. Glen Hall also helped us with mortgage products, and have found their service to be speedy and professional.
Easy going people, try to help. Agency is perfect. It was my first time I rent room using agency service. It was great experience.
Naph H
Farooq and Marilia are very professional, easy to deal with and quite efficient. They were able to listen to my concerns and act accordingly which made my move quick and easy. I would recommend them to anyone.
Dr Bomanji
Farooq was very good in helping us rent our property. He is very professional and gave useful advice during the rental process.
I'm living rented flat last 1 and half years. Thanks to Glen hall provided good services. Specially thanks Farooq and Marilia for providing good services and deal all enquires with professional manner. Best of luck...
Bertrand Z
Farooq did a great job to help me find the flat I needed. I appreciated his reactivity and professionalism, as well as all his advices, and the whole agency was very kind.
Farooq did a great job of making sure the purchase went though smoothly and always was available when needed. Chan gave good advice regarding mortgage.
Mr R. Makani
Chan and Farooq of Glen Hall Estate Agents, work to a high level of standard, at the same time creating an approachable, professional and friendly atmosphere between themselves and me. The team have always helped me in achieving my target, be it helping to rent my property or purchasing another. They always found a solution to any issues that I had. I would highly recommend Glen Hall to anyone who is looking for assistance in rental or purchasing of their properties.
Fraooq Latif and Chan Khimji are true professionals. They assisted with the sale of our property in New Southgate and did a fantastic job. They clearly understand every aspect of the sales process and held our hand throughout. They are also great problem solvers and provided us with solutions when they were needed. I would recommend Glen Hall everytime.
Jonathan O'Donovan
We found Glen Hall very proactive in assisting us with a purchase of a 3 bedroom flat. It was not a straightforward sale and Glen Hall were always on hand to come up with solution to progress the purchase.
Mr. Yasa
From the day one (30/11/2013) up until today they are doing their best to help anything we need.
From start to finish, Farooq and Marilia provided excellent service, and made our move to London easy and hassle free. Emails were answered promptly and efficiently. Would happily recommend Glen Hall to others!
I have been using them for about 3 years and I was really happy with the fast process about renting my studio flat . Farooq is such a professional agent and knows how to deal with tenants. Marilia is friendly and always prompt in answering the emails. She give clear and helpful information.
Flint Family
Marilia and Farooq have been always very helpful and quick to respond in case of urgent matters We were slightly disappointed on day one when we were not helped from another member of staff in the office . But we understand he was extremely busy.
We're renting through Glen Hall since June 2007. The process was easy, straightforward and fast. We even thought it was a scam as our last experience (with another agency) was awful! Farooq and Marilia were very professional, replied immediately to our requests. Since then we have had an issue with some damage in our bathroom and they managed it in the same excellent way. We are thrilled with them so far and would definitely recommend them (we've already done it to some friends:)
Shah Ali
I was very pleased with the service from Farooq and Marilia. They helped me move into a property within 2 weeks after viewing. I recommend Glen Hall to anyone who looking to move into a new home